Transform any human web task
in an API endpoint, save precious time.
Harpi helps you easily record any task you perform on a web browser to replay it anytime you need to, so you can focus on your most important work.

How does it work ?

- Record your web workflows with our Chrome extension. Connect to any SaaS, retrieve info, compare values, download and upload files, take screenshots of a page...
- Decide how often you want your Task to run. Monthly? Hourly? On demand?
- Create Variables so your Task can adapt (e.g provide a client ID and email so the Task performs action specific to her)
- Make API calls to launch your Tasks.
- Receive an email or a webhook anytime a task has been run.
- Get alerted if a task fails.

Here are some examples of workflows our users automate with Harpi:

Download an invoice and upload it to my accounting software.
Test if my sign-up feature still create a contact in my CRM anytime I deploy new code and any other code testing.
Get alerted if the price of a product change or go under a defined threshold.
Get a shipment tracking ID from my delivery services and send a custom email with it to my end customer.
Get alerted if the tagline of my competitor change.
Recieve by email the last three balance sheets of any company by providing its SIREN number.